Address.    Earth. 

The Creator is the Creator,  

Love is Love.

Love goodness and love(care for and respect) others as you wish you were loved(cared for and respected).  

“Thank you” is a deep love.

A kind Hug is a Prayer.

Saying or thinking “thanks” is a prayer. 

A Creator, as with parents cannot but suffer when their children struggle, suffer and stumble.  

Self-preciousness without actual holiness has created problems.  

Speak by acts.  

It often a case of “Tell me your circumstances and I’ll tell you what you believe”

Compassion and tolerance does not extinguish the necessity of proclaiming and admitting an ideal.

Saints are doer's, while talkers are usually only talkers.

We must be more than just good,  we must be creators and promoters of goodness and holiness.            
No worries, the Conscience of Humanity just keeps going on.

Rescuing those trapped by misplaced loyalty needs gently care.  

Religions that teach that non members are subhuman are not of God and ultimately do evil  

We should not underestimate the contribution to war and conflict of indoctrination, a book can turn out to be a weapon and is sometimes contrived to be. 

Is virtue signalling “words-caring” really only slight, hands-off  caring ?

Perfection can be the enemy of good.

Have compassion and understanding for those filling voids   

Man was made for woman and woman for man by divine design to best, have and protect children.  

Every devout couple has available that particular experience of seeing God in their spouses eyes. 

The world contains in abundance those who in a former age would have become priests and nuns to lead a life of sacrificial service and  now they are doing the same as married nurses, doctors, teachers etc.  States have belatedly taken their responsibility for their populations.